Thursday, 14 February 2013


It seems to be every day now I am hearing of another large investment by a foreign country in Australian companies or agricultural enterprises. The predominant country involved is China.
While I am not against foreign companies investing in Australia I firmly believe that there should be a limit placed on the percentage of any industry or enterprise that can be controlled or owned by a foreign country.
To me the areas of biggest concern are water rights and agricultural enterprises. We MUST protect the future of our food production and the water needed to produce it.
It is said that properly managed Australia could become the food bowl of Asia. This however Must be developed by us, owned by us, and distributed by us.
We as Australians must act now before it is too late. All purchases of water rights or agricultural land should be registered no matter how small the price paid. As it stands now the Government can not give a definitive answer as to how much of our country is in foreign hands as the limit for notification is I believe around 10 million dollars. Many small properties can be bought for below this figure.

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