Friday, 18 September 2015

The Invasion of Europe.

Some Questions for those who think the great majority of the Muslims pouring into Europe are genuine refugees.
1 Why do young men outnumber others 10 to 1
2 Why do they attack, both physically and verbally those trying to stop them or to find out who they are. Many hide their faces, refuse to be finger printed and refuse to be put into ordered camps.
3 Scenes of young Muslim 'refugees' shouting out Allah Akbar and fuck you in Arabic dispel any notion that these are real people fleeing persecution.
4 Why if our Western civilisation is so abhorrent to true Muslims is it the first place the run to.
5 Where are their mothers, sisters and wives. Are they just left behind???
6 Do you really think these people are going to settle quietly in places like Germany; learn the language, obey western laws and assimilate into the culture.

Wake up people please before it is to late.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Some questions that need answers.
1. Why do young men outnumber others 9 to 1
2. Why does the media always just show scenes of the very few mothers and children in the crowd.
3. Why don't these people  stay in places like Turkey where they are safe and amongst fellow       Muslims.
4. How many refugees have Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other rich oil states taken. The answer is 0. WHY?
5. Why when asked do they invariable say they want 'a better life'. If refugees why don't they say, 'to be safe'.
6. Where are all the mothers, sisters, daughters and other female family members? If they have left them behind to face 'danger and persecution' are they not cowards in fleeing themselves or have no regard for females?
7. How can the Europeans be sure that amongst all these thousands of unscreened so called refugees there are not many radicals who have arrived to do them harm.

I am sure that any person truly looking at these events and ignoring the media hype will also have many questions.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The Australian Government has set aside many millions of dollars for programmes to stop the radicalisation of young Muslims.
A few days ago it was reported in the media that Muslim organisations were complaining that it was not enough money and was being spent too slowly. There was no report as to what they, the so-called moderate Muslims, were doing about this cancer in their ranks.
Just last night on the television news there was footage of a Muslim Imam here in Australia calling for a Muslim Army to be formed and for the downfall of our Government, the installation of Sharia law and a Muslim Caliphate to take its place. The meeting was attended in Sydney by over 200 people.
If the Muslims in this country are truly trying to eradicate radicalisation WHY is this man not censured by them and why is it the Australian tax payers responsibility to try to do so.
If you are true moderate Muslims and your faith is one of peace then please show the rest of Australia that this is so by your deeds.

Monday, 28 April 2014


Currently to join the Australian Labor Party one must first be a member of a union.
This, unfortunately, has one major outcome. The Labor Party is controlled by the unions.
Their policies are dictated by the unions. Their candidates are chosen by the unions and mostly decisions made by Labor politicians are influenced by their union affiliations.
It is my opinion that if the Australian Labor Party wants to remain a strong force in Australian Politics it must change.
Scrap union membership as a requirement to join. Candidates chosen by members in the electorate and do away with union factions among their elected members.

Monday, 7 April 2014


The situation that Ukraine and Russia find themselves in today is typical of many such problems that have occurred around the world in the past 100 years or so.
I will explain.
Many times the borders of countries and even countries themselves are arbitrarily decided on political grounds or even to satisfy external pressures. Too often this does not take into account the ethnicity or political leanings of the people affected. Sometimes even large populations that consider themselves to be a national group are left stateless. The Kurds in the Middle East are a perfect example of this.
Another example of this is Hungary where now more Hungarians live outside of Hungary than within. This occurred because of the arbitrary changing of their borders after wars.
i do not know what the future holds for the Ukraine but i just wish that the powers that be would let the people decide.

Friday, 4 April 2014


I know that many people follow rugby league in Australia. However it is only a SPORT.
I do not know why certain commercial TV stations in Australia spend at least 40 to 50% of their evening news broadcast on the subject.
We do not need to know that some overpaid player has a groin strain or that another did not turn up to training or that some player might transfer from one club to another.
Such items as these are reported at length to the exclusion of news that might affect every Australian.
I. E. The visit of the Prime Minister of Malaysia was not reported on the channel 9 news but 15 minutes of rugby non news was. Get real people.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


I have recently returned from a road trip that took my wife and myself from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia to Brisbane. a round trip of well over 2,000 ks. That is probably less than one third of the way along the east coast of Australia. My point. Australia; The largest island and smallest continent and we (Australians) own it all. We can travel freely the length and breadth of our nation.
We have a stable government, health care for all, free education and a wonderful care free life style.
Also there are not to many countries where in one day you can go snow skiing in the morning and diving on a world heritage  coral reef in the afternoon.
We have unique wild life. Fantastic beaches. A great climate. And, unlike the USA not everyone thinks they have to own a gun for protection, in fact we have possibly the lowest deaths per 1,000 head of population from gun crime of any nation in the world.
So, to my fellow Australians, stop complaining and just enjoy the fact that you live in the Best, Fairest, Safest and Most Free country in the world.