Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The Australian Government has set aside many millions of dollars for programmes to stop the radicalisation of young Muslims.
A few days ago it was reported in the media that Muslim organisations were complaining that it was not enough money and was being spent too slowly. There was no report as to what they, the so-called moderate Muslims, were doing about this cancer in their ranks.
Just last night on the television news there was footage of a Muslim Imam here in Australia calling for a Muslim Army to be formed and for the downfall of our Government, the installation of Sharia law and a Muslim Caliphate to take its place. The meeting was attended in Sydney by over 200 people.
If the Muslims in this country are truly trying to eradicate radicalisation WHY is this man not censured by them and why is it the Australian tax payers responsibility to try to do so.
If you are true moderate Muslims and your faith is one of peace then please show the rest of Australia that this is so by your deeds.

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