Sunday, 23 March 2014


I have recently returned from a road trip that took my wife and myself from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia to Brisbane. a round trip of well over 2,000 ks. That is probably less than one third of the way along the east coast of Australia. My point. Australia; The largest island and smallest continent and we (Australians) own it all. We can travel freely the length and breadth of our nation.
We have a stable government, health care for all, free education and a wonderful care free life style.
Also there are not to many countries where in one day you can go snow skiing in the morning and diving on a world heritage  coral reef in the afternoon.
We have unique wild life. Fantastic beaches. A great climate. And, unlike the USA not everyone thinks they have to own a gun for protection, in fact we have possibly the lowest deaths per 1,000 head of population from gun crime of any nation in the world.
So, to my fellow Australians, stop complaining and just enjoy the fact that you live in the Best, Fairest, Safest and Most Free country in the world.

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