Wednesday, 29 May 2013


There have been many conflicting reports in the media about the consequences or lack thereof in the drilling for coal seam gas.
Firstly it is often called 'mining'. This is not correct it is a drilling operation.
There have been rallies and petitions claiming that it will harm our underground water reserves.
Most of the people that are campaigning against it are not aware of the science or techniques involved.
I believe that the government has launched a scientific enquiry into all aspects of coal seam drilling.
All parties should restrain themselves at the moment until the results of this enquiry are released.
It is always a degree of ignorance and misunderstanding that breeds fear of something new.
As a nation we must fully investigate all possible avenues that might assist with our future power needs.
If we say no to coal, no to nuclear, no to wind turbines no to coal seam gas and the production of roof top solar panels uses more energy than they produce during their restricted life span....WHAT IS LEFT.

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