Tuesday, 5 November 2013

THE END Today i share a poem i wrote recently


John Ross ©

I am the last.          
The culmination of mankind’s genius.
The perfect human being.
I see all. I know all. I never grow old.
Millenniums, ages, eons stretch out behind me.
I look down on the city from my lofty tower.
I see order, beauty, industry.
Created, maintained, by cold lifeless machines.

 I am the last.
We came from star dust.
We fought, learned, loved, hated.
We grew, prospered, imagined great things.
We dared to believe we would live forever.
For a brief second we thought perfection was achieved.

I am the last.
We cast aside so much.
The joy of new life, youth, discovery.
The challenges of failure, hardship, striving to achieve.
No need for compassion, forgiveness, repentance.
We knew all but had nothing.

I am the last.
I have seen the stars slowly dim and die.
Burnt out, exhausted.
We reached for them; they eluded us.
Now they and us, me, I, will end.
The universe is ready to die.

I am the last.
Loneliness is a constant cloak.
They are all gone, we may not age but we still die.
Love, friendship, a look, a touch. No more. Never.
I feel the weight of untold billions of people.
Their lives, their very being instilled in me.

I am the last.
Millenniums drift by.
The sun. The giver of life dims.
Time now to wonder. Why Who What. Meaning.
Soon it will end. This journey of Mankind.
Will there ever be another story.
Perhaps another beginning.
I am the last.

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