Friday, 21 December 2012


It would seem that the supermarkets and advertisers here in Australia want us to change some of our Christmas traditions. Ever since I was a small child I only remember our family having roast chicken with our Christmas dinner. Most people I ask remember the same. Then why is it that every advertisement on TV and in brochures only refer to turkey. I understand that turkey has always been an American tradition but not really an Australian one. Maybe I am also biased as I truly enjoy a meal of moist roast chicken, ham and baked vegetables for my Christmas dinner. I find turkey to be very bland and dry.
By the way to me DINNER on Christmas day is the meal that we enjoy in the middle of the day.
A cold Christmas dinner of beautiful Australian seafood has also become a tradition in many parts of the country. I think that this is a great idea as long as we support our Australian producers and keep away from the cheap and inferior imported products.
However the most important thing is, that no matter how we celebrate Christmas, that we have a happy and safe one.

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