Thursday, 29 August 2013


There are three main political parties in Australia. The Liberal Party, The National Party and The Labor Party. Realistically the only party that could from a government and therefore introduce legislation is one or a combination of the above. The minor parties, and I include the Greens in this, will not have sufficient numbers to form a government. The only possible way that the Greens, for instance, could influence Government policy would be in another disastrous alliance with the Labor Party in a hung parliament. However both the Coalition and Labor have ruled out forming any alliance with the Greens if this situation should arise.
So I ask the question, why vote for the Greens? Would it not be better to vote for one of the major parties and put pressure on them to bring about the changes that only they can achieve. I am sure that many of you will disagree with this point of view. I would just ask you to not waste time voting Green and giving your second preference to one of the major parties. The Greens, just like the Democrats have had their day and will soon disappear anyway.
That is my opinion if you disagree please leave an informed comment

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