Saturday, 31 August 2013


One week to go! The liberal, National Coalition ahead in all the polls. Labor support slumping.
It would appear that Australia has already decided. Kevin Rudd is still trying to dismiss the poor polls but his approach and demeanour is getting more desperate and rattled as the days go by. I believe that there are some within his party saying that they would be faring better if they had kept Gillard as the leader.
My prediction (purely my assumptions as I am not a member of any political party), A win for Tony Abbot and the Coalition. Kevin Rudd resigns and leaves politics and Bill Shorten will be the new leader of the Labor Party. The true stories behind what went on within the party and the involvement of the unions etc will come out as it has done since they lost power in New South Wales.
Well. I may of course be wrong! whatever happens the Labor party should learn something from all that has gone on the last six years. they must become a political party for ALL Australians and not a political wing of the unions.

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