Friday, 15 March 2013


Again there has been much rejoicing in the Catholic Church about the election of a new Pope. However, if there has ever been a need for drastic changes to be made within the church it is now. Attendances are down, the abuse claims against priests are increasing at an alarming rate, the church, once one of the richest organisations in the world, is losing money every day and many young people cannot relate to the to the overly ritualistic approach of its services.
Those of us outside the Catholic faith and, I believe those within, are crying out for change. This new Pope has the opportunity to bring about that change. It is a shame that a younger man was not elected as time will be needed to achieve everything that MUST change.
It is time for the Church to make itself more relevant to the 21st century.
The Catholic Church over the past two millennium has been both a force for great good but also for much evil and suffering. With appropriate changes that force for good can come to the fore again and benefit mankind. Bring on the changes Pope Francis 1st.

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