Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Before I say anything else let me say that I have nothing against adherents of the Catholic Church or for that matter any believers in Christianity. My chief problem is how the church presents itself in this day and age.
Firstly the celibacy of priests. This flies in the face of all natural human instincts and our inbuilt need to love and be loved by another human being.
Secondly the ban on women becoming priests. Does the church really believe that women are incapable of performing all the functions of the priesthood or do they think that women do not have the necessary spirituality.
Thirdly the church services themselves. Why is the church stuck in medieval times. The appearance of aged men parading in red dresses with silly hats on their heads certainly does not resonate with the younger generation here in 2013. I believe that some of the Protestant Churches have got the right idea; normal dress, less ritual, more personal congregation involving services.
Lastly. Let us hope that the church this time elects a forward looking pope that can bring the church into the 21st century.

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