Saturday, 23 March 2013


I believe that the Australian Labor Party lost most of their diminishing pool of supporters last Thursday the 21st of March.
If they cannot even manage to conduct a leadership spill without it developing into a laughable circus what chance do they have of governing Australia. If they think (Julia Gillard) in particular that the aborted spill has stopped the deep divisions within the party from cracking wide open they are fooling themselves. The comments made by the four front bench members who have resigned their positions or been sacked make this abundantly clear.
With Julia having to do a cabinet reshuffle in the coming week this could be likened to a sinking Titanic who's captain is more worried about who has what deck chair rather than saving her ship.
I also believe that whatever political party you support we all should be calling for an election ASAP so that we the people can decide who has the best credentials to run OUR country.

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