Thursday, 27 June 2013


Again the Australian Labor Party has rejected their own sitting Prime Minister. Just over three years ago they knifed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and replaced him with Julia Gillard. Yesterday they replaced her with Kevin Rudd.
What does this say about the judgement of the Labor Party. They admitted they were wrong in electing Rudd and so replaced him with Gillard and now oopss wrong lets bring Rudd back.
This fiasco could be likened to a company that makes a product that the community don't like so they sack the director of the company and replace him with someone else but
 still continue to produce the product that no one wants.
Bring on the election so at last after 3 years of Labor mismanagement and farce we the people can have our say.
Kevin Rudd your own party did not want you before, the public did not want you and we still don't.

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