Thursday, 20 June 2013


I believe that all the media chatter about a possible challenge to Julia Gillard as the Prime minister and leader of the Australian Labor Party is reflecting the true feelings of most members of her cabinet. The reason that no one, not even Kevin Rudd, is willing to challenge is for a very basic reason. Who would want the poison chalice? Even with K Rudd as leader they are still heading for a monumental drubbing. The real jockeying for position is now all about who will be the leader of the party in opposition after the election.
When, not if, they are defeated at the election I cannot see Julia continuing as the leader. I am sure that she would also resign from parliament rather than experience the ignominy of sitting on the back benches.
Many would say that it would be poetic justice to see her lead the party to a crushing defeat and to have much of the blame heaped on her head.
Maybe after the election K Rudd could break away and form a True Labour Party as distinct from the Union...err Labor Party.
It must be a real sadness for most true Labor supporters to see their once proud political party lose its values, direction and become mired in internal bickering and pandering to the Independents and Greens.
Bring on the election.

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