Friday, 28 June 2013


Kevin Rudd, the new/old leader of the Labor Party and now Prime Minister is already promising to get tough on illegal refugees arriving in Australia by boat. This would have to be one of the most cynical about faces in modern Australian Politics. It was this same Kevin Rudd newly elected in 2007 that did away with all the refugee policies of the preceding government. Those policies had been so effective that the numbers of illegal arrivals fell to almost zero. Under his new arrangements they have now risen to many tens of thousands a year.
Will he ADMIT that he and the Labor Government got it WRONG.
This very morning the new Treasurer was saying that they want to revisit the Malaysia solution. This "SOLUTION" meant sending 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia and taking 4,000 in return. With the current rate of arrivals that quota could be filled in one week.
Why do Labor politicians find it so hard to admit that the last Coalition Government had the right solution.
One final point. The current Foreign Minister Mr Carr admitted this morning that many of the so called refugees are actually economic ones who are just after more money and have not and will not face any persecution in their home country. He further admitted that our checks of these people are so weak that many of them are accepted as refugees.
For the sake of the security and economic future of our country, GET IT RIGHT NOW!!

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