Monday, 1 July 2013


Mr Kevin Rudd has been recycled by the Labor Party and is now the new Prime Minister of Australia.
He replaces Julia Gillard the previous PM. She was defeated by a vote of the sitting Labor members by a vote of 57 to 45.
Julia Gillard replaced Rudd in a similar coup just three years ago.
Three years ago Rudd was replaced by his party because of a drop in support for the then Labor Government. He was described by his parliamentary colleagues as a control freak, megalomaniac and even worse. YET they have now reinstated him; once again because of a poor showing in the polls.
I defy anyone to understand the logic of this. He is a failure in 2010, is replaced by another (Gillard) who is also a disaster, then they bring back the original failure, disaster.
May be he is just the best of a very bad lot!
Many of the best, and longest serving, members of the Labor cabinet have now resigned and some are even leaving politics all together. The new ministers announced today are either those that sided with Rudd in his challenge or are total newcomers with no experience. In other words this new Labor ministry is made up of people whose only interest was the preservation of their jobs or total unknowns thrust into the limelight as there was no one else.
How can these new ministers get a good grip on their portfolios in the short time remaining when parliament does not sit between now and the election. Most of them will be campaigning in their own electorates desperately trying to hold on.
I am not a member of any political party or lobby group. Just a concerned Australian.

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