Friday, 19 July 2013


It would appear that the tactics used by the people smugglers sending boats from Indonesia to Australia has fallen into a very predictable pattern.
They depart Indonesia and as soon as possible radio Australian Authorities that they are in trouble and our navy or customs ships go to their aid. It is becoming like a taxi service.
The question that I ask is....where are the Indonesian Navy, Coast guard, Emergency Services in all of this. Many of the rescues made by Australian ships have occurred just of the coast of Indonesia and many hundreds of miles from Australian waters. I have not heard of ONE refugee boat being rescued by an Indonesian ship once it has left their territorial waters. One must always remember that these refugee boats are Indonesian, crewed by Indonesians and departed from Indonesian ports.
Why is Indonesia not criticised for failing to come to the rescue of their own boats and citizens. Instead Australia is sometimes criticised for a slow response even though these incidents happen a long way from our country.
There does seem to be different standards applied here.

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