Monday, 8 July 2013


As a casual observer there appears to have been an hysterical over reaction to coal seam gas exploration in Australia. There must, of course, be informed discussion and debate about the merits and future potential of this possible new source of energy.
Unfortunately the debate has been overridden by the loud shrill reaction of some of the more radical backers of the green movement. This has tended to demonise anyone who tries to rationally discuss the possible merits of coal seam gas. The gathering of signatures from members of the public who have no clear understanding of the science, technology, benefits, possible dangers or long term effects on agriculture, does not prove a thing apart from the fact that a scare campaign is working.
I believe that it is vital that a reasoned debate must take place where the real facts, science etc is discussed by people fully qualified to do so. If the general consensus of these people is that it is harmful or dangerous to continue then so be it.
I, and I am sure that many Australians want the facts and not hysterical reaction so we can make a rational decision. With our dwindling resources of usable means of power generation we must make sure that all future avenues are PROPERLY investigated.
I am neither for or against coal seam gas I just want the facts.

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