Thursday, 4 July 2013


The Federal Australian Labor Party has just announced an investigation and short term take over of their NSW branch.
What a joke. There has been an investigation going on now for many months. Not brought on by the Federal Branch of the party but by the NSW Government. It is highly probable that criminal charges of fraud and corruption will arise from this investigation.
The Federal Branch of the party have said that they will take over the running of the NSW branch for a period of 30 days. Anyone found to have acted corruptly will be ejected from the Labor Party.
It would appear that the allegations of blatant corruption in the NSW Labor Party have been going on for years. It beggars belief that the Federal Branch were not aware of these allegations. IF SO why did they not act earlier. If they deny previous knowledge what does this say about the running of the party.
The Labor Party did not act whilst Labor was in power in NSW. Nor did they act after they were thrown out and the allegations of corruption emerged into the public domain. They are only acting now when a  Federal election is looming and they are desperate to retain Labor seats in western Sydney.
Again I am not a member of any political party and the above is just how I see the situation. If you want to agree or disagree please leave a comment.

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