Monday, 2 September 2013


It is my opinion that America should not get directly involved in this conflict.
If the government of Syria has used chemical weapons against its own people that is a terrible crime. However I fail to see that this is any worse than the constant indiscriminate shelling of suburban areas. Both kill innocent victims including children. The people committing these atrocities, and I am sure both sides are guilty, should be correctly tried in a court of law.
If America decides to take action, no matter how limited or targeted, innocent people will also die. It is also inevitable that certain sections of the Muslim world will see this as aggression against them.
Terrible acts of inhumanity deserve to be punished but it must be done in a legal way.To punish indiscriminate killing of people by more of the same is, I believe, not justifiable.
If one wishes the end of the Assad regime be very sure about what is likely to replace it.

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