Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The abolition of the carbon tax was one of the main policies of the Australian Liberal National Coalition leading up to the election. The people of Australia voted overwhelmingly in favour of this and the other policies of the coalition.
The Labor party who opposed the abolition of the tax received their lowest primary vote ever.
Last night an ex minister in the Labor party was asked if they would acknowledge the mandate given to the coalition and not block the abolition of this tax in the Senate.
She replied that just over 30% of the population had voted for its retention therefore the Labor Party would not support a vote in the Senate for its abolition.
To me this is hypocritical sour grapes. Nearly 70% of the people of Australia do not want your tax. You are going against the express will of the people.
To the Labor Party. You lost. The people voted against you. Accept it change and move on.

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