Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There has been much media speculation that Qantas, the Australian International Airline, will be allowed to increase its foreign ownership to over 50%.
I believe that Qantas is an iconic AUSTRALIAN company and how could we call it OUR airline if it is owned by foreigners.
The help that Qantas needs is the reduction of the many freedoms granted to its competitors and the unions involved in the airline to take a realistic look at the future of some of the extraordinary wages and conditions that their member now enjoy.
The last time I looked Qantas clerical staff on shift work get 5 weeks leave every 8 months and 3 months long service leave after 10 years. This compares with airline staff in America that get just 2 weeks a year and most receive no such thing as long service leave.
Unless common sense prevails we will see many many Qantas jobs disappearing overseas like Ford, Holden and Toyota. Those companies are just the latest in a ling list who just cannot afford to remain in Australia.

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