Monday, 3 February 2014


Today is a sad day.
The last international cricket match of the season in Australia was played last night.
So for approximately 8 or 9 months we wont see true sportsman at the height of their powers playing a game where no one gets punched, eye gouged, elbowed or smashed into the ground.
Now starts the season of over paid, overweight, under employed 'football heroes'.
Already we have the sorry stories of assaults, drink driving and drugs.
It is beyond time that this sport was cleaned up.
How can a rugby league player claim to be an elite sports hero when they spend most of their off time up till the morning hours in clubs and pubs.
There should be much stricter penalties for such behaviour before they can claim to be 'role models' for our children and youth.
There is much in the news these days about alcohol fuelled violence.....well our footballers have a great chance to set an example for good in this area.

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