Sunday, 23 February 2014


On the TV tonight we have the ridiculous spectacle of the meeting of two popes during the inauguration of the latest cardinals.
We were entranced by this meeting of an exclusive men's only club. Elderly men paraded around dressed in funny hats and wearing dresses overlaid with lace. The whole scene was resplendent in gold and precious gems. This display of wealth and power was occurring at the same time as many of the people in Catholic Countries live in abject poverty.
WHAT does this have to do with Christianity. Jesus taught humility, inclusiveness and the rejection of the trappings of absolute wealth. His early followers met in the homes of believers and partook of simple ceremonies. There were no gold crosses, embroidered dresses, silly hats. the waving of smoke, just fellowship and a simple meal together as equals.
This ridiculous facade, empty of true Christianity and empathy has to change. There needs to be another reformation.

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